BIOPON datura fertilizer

Specialised multicompound mineral fertiliser for daturas. Contains all the nutrients needed for optimum growth of plants. Increased nitrogen level ensures exceptionally profuse flowering.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
0,5 l100 l6 pcs10305904517008489
1 l200 l6 pcs10315904517008496
BIOPON balcony plant fertilising sticks

Multicompound fertiliser in the form of sticks for balcony ornamental plants (begonias, surfinias, fuchsias etc.). Plentiful set of mineral nutrients, including increased dose of easily assimilable iron, stimulates the formation of strong flower buds and enhances beautiful colour of the flowers. The plants are more resistant to wind and light frost. The fertiliser is efficient, readily assimilable and easy to use. The sticks dissolve gradually, resulting in regular and long-lasting plant nutrition – up to 2 months.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
30 pcs10-30 roślin30 pcs12125904517044685
BIOPON GEL fern fertilizer

Innovative and exceptionally efficient mineral fertiliser for all varieties of ferns, both at home and in gardens. Hight content of nitrogen makes the plants healthy and makes their leaves dense and succulently green. Acts comprehensively, providing ferns with all necessary nutrients. Thick texture of the water soluble gel makes the fertilizer easily assimilable by plants and easy to use. It does not spatter when poured and allows for precise dosing. Its regular use helps to maintain excellent condition of ferns throughout the entire year.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
0,25 l70 l 6 pcs12795904517106147
0,5 l140 l6 pcs12805904517106154
BIOPON blueberry fertilizer

Multicompound granular fertiliser for blueberries and other plants thriving in acidic soil. It is a specialised fertiliser that contains properly balanced elements necessary for maintaining the optimum level of soil acidity. Its systematic application ensures perfect conditions for plant development. Potassium contained in the fertiliser guarantees profuse fructification.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
packet 1 kg50 m²10 pcs11305904517009448
BIOPON magnolia fertilizer

Granular fertiliser for magnolia. Multicompound formula, rich in easily assimilable minerals, guarantees high nutritional value of the fertiliser. Regular application enhances proper development of magnolias. The plants form strong flower buds, flower profusely and have intensively green leaves. The fertiliser also guarantees optimum conditions for root system formation.

unitunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
packet 1 kg10 pcs11975904517044036
BIOPON geranium fertilizer with vitamins

Balanced, very efficient, liquid fertilizer for geranium. Addition of vitamins stimulates the root system development of the plants making them strong and healthy. Systematic fertilization ensures proper development as well as long and intense flowering.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
0,5 l100 l6 pcs2175904517008274
BIOPON autumn lawn fertilizer

Multicompound soil-applicable granular fertiliser uniform in consistence (complete formula in every granule). Lack of nitrogen results in limited lawn growth, so in long periods of warmth frequent mowing is not necessary. High potassium level enhances frost and disease resistance. The fertiliser ensures long-lasting replenishment of mineral deficiencies in the soil and builds up reserves of nutrients needed for vegetation in the next season.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
packet 1 kg50 m²10 pcs10775904517008588
packet with handle 3 kg150 m²3 pcs10805904517008595
BIOPON flowering plant fertilizer

Multicompound mineral fertiliser for potted, balcony and bedding plants. Increased phosphorus and potassium levels guarantee profuse flowering of the fertilised plants. Specially specified formula stimulates intensive growth.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
0,25 l25 l6 pcs10875904517008649
0,5 l50 l6 pcs10085904517008526
1 l100 l6 pcs10095904517008533
BIOPON lawn fertiliser

Multicompound mineral fertiliser for lawns. Perfectly balanced formula guarantees succulent green grass throughout the season. Due to nitrogen contained in the fertiliser, empty spaces are quickly covered with grass, giving you a smooth green sward.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
packet 1 kg50 m²10 pcs10465904517008762
packet with handle 3 kg150 m²3 pcs10475904517008779
packet with handle 5 kg250 m²2 pcs11205904517009349
bag 10 kg500 m²1 pc10485904517008786
BIOPON vegetable fertiliser

Innovative, multicompound liquid fertiliser with unique ingredient composition. Potassium contained in the fertiliser determines proper fructification and ripening. Precisely determined nitrogen level ensures optimum growth and development, without excessive accumulation of harmful nitrates.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
1 l200 l6 pcs10385904517008380

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